Solving Your Office Coffee Conflicts

At the office, coffee is paramount. But in today’s coffee culture, with as many personalized coffee preferences as there are office personalities, it can be difficult to make everyone happy. It’s important, as an office manager, to provide as many coffee-related options as the budget allows, in an effort to keep everyone reasonably happy.

A New Standard of Office Coffee

If the executive assistant wants an almond milk decaf latté with honey, and the coffee shop is just around the corner—few businesses have the time or resources to cater to every whim of their employees. But those same employees are right to expect not only high quality coffee at the office, but also a handful of options that are commonplace in most cafés. When a business steps up its coffee game, employees respond with greater productivity and better work—caffeine provides an energizing jolt and—as copious research has shown—simply helps workers get more done.

Millennials And The New Coffee Culture

A 2017 National Coffee Association survey found that the daily consumption of espresso based drinks has nearly tripled since 2008. A new generation of office workers has brought their taste for innovation to the office, and as overwhelmed as office managers might be, this trend demands attention. Employees enjoy when their office environment compares favorably to that of the world outside—and businesses investing in high quality espresso machines, for example, are generally viewed as being far ahead of the curve. A worker feels good about coming to work when her office has better coffee options than she has at home.

A corollary to this is, many millennials favor a non-dairy milk option for their coffee. According to One Green Planet, one in ten millennials is vegan or vegetarian, leading to a preference for soy, almond or coconut milk, and choose to skip the dairy. (Some are required to, for health reasons.)

A Calm Coffee Station—The Basics

Three simple tips that help solve most office coffee conflicts

  1. The Daily Grind A high quality grinder keeps fans of both drip coffee and espresso (which require very different grinds) happy. A burr grinder produces more uniform grounds and makes a significant difference in flavor.
  2. A Refrigerator For the Coffee Bar…is a must in order to provide the office coffee station with choices: half and half, milk and and non-dairy options—non-dairy creamer, and nut milks of which give your coffee a significant upgrade.
  3. Multiple Options For Multiple People

The good news is, giving the office coffee a serious “options upgrade” is quite inexpensive. An Aeropress coffeemaker is only $25; a French press, less than $20; and even the more significant investment of an espresso machine will soon pay for itself in employee morale.