Office Coffee Trends And Millennials

Millennials represent the future of the coffee universe. They drink more of it than any previous generation; they embrace creativity and invention, challenging themselves to explore new frontiers in espresso drinks; they care about the environmental aspects of the industry; and, most importantly, they take it seriously—barista school, latté contests, and the perfectly-pulled shot. We are living in the Third Wave of coffee, and the Millennial Generation is running the show.

In similar fashion, many businesses today rely on Millennials. They are more tech-savvy than any previous generation, and these days, technology dictates a good amount of business success and failure.

What’s the upshot of all this? That the coffee at the office matters.

Think Better

Millennials are spending more on coffee than on saving for retirement, which means they’re shelling out for the good stuff: premium, top-quality brew. And this is the new expectation for office coffee as well—that can of crystals simply will not cut it anymore. According to a recent study, the consumption of gourmet coffee beverages among people aged 25-39 jumped from 19% to 41% between 2008 to 2016. This generation is looking for specialty coffee at the office, and it’s willing to reward the employer who provides it with great word of mouth and a solid work ethic. Since coffee means more to a Millennial, an office with good coffee becomes that much more attractive.

Is It Time For An Upgrade?

The Millennial Generation is more aware of and interested in gourmet roasts, origins and blends than its predecessors, and this is evident in its coffee choices. Even in these tough economic times, Millennials are willing to pay extra for brands that taste better, they care where their coffee comes from, and they notice branding.

One way to improve your coffee program is to take a fresh look at your accoutrements and see if it might be time for an upgrade (cups, lids, sugar packets, creamer). You may also want to look at your coffee bar space itself—do your employees have enough room to make their coffee (and customize it as much as possible)?

Not everyone sees the worth in little adjustments like this—but Millennials do.

Don’t Forget The Tea

Perhaps unthinkable a generation ago, a recent study confirmed that 42% of Millennials actually prefer tea over coffee. This is likely due to Millennials being more health-conscious than previous generations; while both tea and coffee boast numerous health benefits, tea improves bone strength, lowers the risk of metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease, boosts endurance, and may even combat Parkinson’s disease and act as a kind of reinforcement sunscreen to protect us from ultraviolet rays. It’s also extremely hydrating!

It’s a wise office manager who takes an extra few minutes to make that coffee station a bit more tea-friendly.